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Queen Anne Jewish Preschool

inspire. explore. create.

"We feel so lucky to be part of the QAJP family. It’s definitely more than a school - there’s no better joy than to see your child thrive in a loving environment filled with engaging and thoughtful developmental activities every day. Kids have weekly music and movement classes, they learn, play, walk, read, cook, imagine, and form friendship bonds we didn’t know were possible. The community of parents is a group of incredible and warm people. Director Chaya and her team are the rarest gem of all. They are the soul of the school and it shows in every little detail, from nature-inspired child-appropriate furniture and prepared environment to selection of thematic activities or experiments for children. We also really value the Jewish education at the school - our daughter is only 2.5, but she already knows all the major Jewish holidays, can say a blessing on Shabbat candles and recognizes Hebrew letters. Jewish education is woven into the fabric of the school and is presented in a really engaging and approachable way. We also love all the family and community events adjacent to the school - being part of this welcoming community has been one of the best parts of moving to Seattle"


Jelena & Andre

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